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my name is kayli
i smoke too much weed

mmm yep ; bLuntz is hOw i rOLL
i'm α stαrbucks girL, i got 7 tattoos
singLe, nOt interested in yOu either . k thαnks♥;
december 3rd ; my mαmα knew a stαr wαs bOrn
old enOugh to knOw better ; but yOung enOugh not to cαre
i drink , i tOke, i smOke
my hair is reαLLy LOng & αmααzzzinggLy bLOnde .
niαgαrα fαLLs; CANADA.
conceited; yep s0o0Oo they sαy i gOt α reαson:
i'm α new persOn & needin yOu wαs so Lαst seαson♥

about me : if you don't know, (αnd you're on my livej0urnαL), you b3ttα αsk somebody!

this is where i live,
it's okay for now